Who’s the Copywriter on The Bachelor?

By Minda Smiley 

If you watch The Bachelor, you know the job titles listed for contestants range from predictable (realtors, broadcast journalists and social media managers are always in the mix) to entirely made-up (in Colton Underwood’s season, one woman described her occupation as “sloth”).

It’s not often, though, that our little corner of the world is represented. But during 25th season premiere on Monday, we learned that copywriter Anna Redman is one of the women vying for Matt James, the franchise’s first Black Bachelor. Putting our investigative reporting chops to the test, we immediately Googled her.

Turns out 24-year-old Redman has spent the majority of her career at Havas Chicago, at least according to her LinkedIn. According to her website, she’s stretched her “creative muscles” on brands including Carl’s Jr., Coca-Cola, Moen, Smart Water and Travelocity.


She joined Havas as a copywriting intern in 2018 and left in October of last year, presumably to start filming.

No word on where she is now or if she plans to return to advertising. Maybe she won the whole thing and is hiding with James somewhere until this season wraps. We refuse to read spoilers, so you’ll have the find that information elsewhere.

We do know that she at least made it past the first rose ceremony and got a decent amount of airtime during the season premiere, no easy feat. In the days since the premiere, she’s gotten attention for wearing the same red dress as another contestent and for bearing resemblance to former Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

If the end goal of her “journey” on The Bachelor is to become an influencer, it looks like she’s already well on her way: Redman currently has more than 17,000 Instagram followers, a number that will only grow the longer she stays on the show.

We’ve contacted Redman to see if she can divulge any details about her future plans or whereabouts. We assume ABC has control of her press engagements for the time being, but considering we’re nothing more than an advertising blog, we thought we’d shoot our shot.