Who’s Seeking an Apple ACD on Craigslist?

By Kiran Aditham 

Freelance writer Becky Ebenkamp gave us the heads up on a Craigslist ad that popped up a few days back and has our eyebrows raised. Like her, we’re almost certain that even TBWA\Chiat\Day LA wouldn’t resort to the CL job board to find a creative for one of their longtime, most valued accounts. Additionally, the job listing is for an ACD/copywriter, but read the first sentence in the listing alone and the irony becomes almost deafening.

If anything, we’re thinking it’s someone just taking the piss with the Omnicom agency and/or one of its top clients, because this looks about as legit as Charlie Sheen’s contract with Warner Bros. this morning.  Still, we’d love to hear if anyone actually responded to the ad and heard back. Here’s the opening below and read Ebenkamp’s own thoughts on the matter here.

“A world reknown ad agency is looking for an ACD copywriter.

Reporting into the Creative Director, the Associate Creative Director\Copywriter is an experienced, thoughtful, intelligent writer who will work on the Apple brand. You work and thrive in a culture where collaboration rules and are incredibly talented, visual, conceptual, culturally connected and most importantly love the craft of writing. This person can express their ideas, powerfully, through their words. They can tackle headline after headline and enjoy the art of perfecting long copy, and is a natural leader.”