Who’s On Houston? JWT’s Shooting Their Microsoft Work RIGHT NOW!

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: This shoot is for Microsoft’s search business (codename Kiev) &#151 which JWT has already won. This is not to be confused with codename Pink/Tribe, the mobile business that’s being kept on the down low.

This is why we need interns. I’m hearing that right now, JWT’s (NY) super-secret campaign (but less secretive than the pitch for mobile) for Microsoft’s search business is being shot down on Houston here in Manhattan. Damnit, I may go dark for awhile and go seek them out. I’ll be the guy in the trench with aviators and an umbrella. And a tiny camera!

I’m told the team is shooting two New York well-knowns. Oops, did that just slip out?

Ten points for the spy who sends me pics of video of the crew in action (agencyspy @ mediabistro dot com).


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