Who Will Take Home The O’Toole Award? Do You Even Care?

By SuperSpy 

The 4A’s have announced their finalists for the O’Toole Awards, which is the annual advertising awards program that honors creative excellence for an agency’s body of work throughout an entire year. The AAAA will announce the winners April 29th.

Who are the finalists? Agency Award For Offices With Between 100-300 Employees were Bartle Bogle Hegarty; The Kaplan Thaler Group; and DeVito/Verdi.

For some reason, a bunch of you readers are going to be pissed that Kaplan Thaler is on there. Could someone please inform us as to why we keep getting hostile and incredibly vague anonymous tips about this agency? Please?

Catch this – DeVito/Verdi has already issued a press release that reads:

“looks to take home the top prize for creative excellence for the seventh time in the past 13 years.”

Do you think the 4A’s have already told De/VitoVerdi that they won, ’cause other wise, this is such a balls out statement that are jaw is quite close to the floor. Really, if you were next to us you could see our molars and everything.