Who Knew Mentos Was an Aphrodisiac?

By Kiran Aditham 

We had no idea, either, but we were sent this yesterday and had no choice but to make a mention of it today after a first viewing. Apparently,  chewing Mentos and getting it on go hand-in-hand as part of Singapore’s “National Day,” which takes place on August 9.

This clip for the fresh-maker comes to us from BBH Asia Pacific and this copy says more in a few words than we could ever utter in a day: “Mentos encourages every proud, financially secure adult in a stable, committed long-term relationship in Singapore, to get fresh and ‘do their duty’ on National Night – and give a patriotic boost to Singapore’s population.” Yes, procreation is the name of the game in this campaign, so put the kids to bed and get those libidos ready, spouses, because it’s now “National Night.”  Oh yeah, we should note that the song, lyrics and chords will be available for download while the rap will be taught to and played by local cover bands around Singapore leading up to the big night. Here are your lyrics:

“You ready?  Leh-go!
The parade is long gone, the kids are in bed…
Let’s not watch fireworks, let’s makem’ instead…
It’s National Night, and I want a baby boo
I know you want it, so duz the SDU…

It’s National Night, so let’s make some fireworks ignite.

It’s National Night, let’s make Singapore’s birthrate spike.

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