Who Is Working Today? We’ve Got The List.

By SuperSpy 

It seems that it’s not just Carmichael Lynch who has their doors open. SS+K and Digitas staffers are all behind their desks. The lovely folks at Resource Interactive in Columbus are also thinking about a lunch break. And check this out – 50% of Deep Focus staffers are grinding out work BY CHOICE. Maybe we should all go work at Deep Focus. Just a thought. Here’s another though… Let’s contact them and see what makes the place great enough that people would WANT to come to work two days after the 25th. Stay tuned…

Heavens. To all of you sending emails that won’t be returned till after the 1st, we feel for you as we sit in our PJs, sipping cider and watching HBO’s The Wire.

So… what are you doing at work today? Really. Anything? Send us an anon tip and we’ll start a comments section (yes, comments) as an addition to this post. We’re really curious.



Comment 1:

“Trumpet is at work today. Well half of Trumpet. The other half is on vaca. We’re thinking of sneaking out the office and walking around the French Quarter sipping on beers and hurricane’s. Because you can drink in the street here.


Comment #2:

“Organic is open!”

Comment #3:

Deutsch is open for business. At least the NY office is.

Comment #4:

EnviroMedia is open today… technically. About 10 of us are around and the rest are at home sipping cider and watching HBO’s The Wire.

Comment #5:

Hey Enviro kids! Let’s make it a party. Everyone to our house!