Who Does it Best: Billy Mays or Vince?

By Matt Van Hoven 

In the world of infomercials two men stand out today as the standard deliverers of great deals on products that claim to do oh so much. From ShamWow to MightyPutty, these guys are old pros at convincing us that their products really do work. But we want to know what you think &#151 who does it better? Billy Mays or Vince Offer?

Do you remember how Mays used to sell a product just like ShamWow called Zorbeez. Well according to Mays, Vince is a little bitch for stealing the idea and marketing it. Now there’s a little feud between them and it’s all dramz.

But don’t think for a second that Vince is at all serious about his career as a pitchman. Oh no, this is just what he does to make money. In his real life he makes movies. For example his first ever film called Underground Comedy Movie which is apparently so bad that it was not only direct to DVD, but consistently rates in IMDB’s bottom 100 films. Maybe it’s the superhero “Dickman” whose power is squirting bad guys with semen. Look, if we were robbing a bank and a giant wang threatened us with…well we’re just glad we’re not criminals in Vince’s world. Anyway, despite being so shitty, Vincey-boy harnessed the power of the infomercial and sold more than 50,000 copies of the thing. Not bad.

Anyway, some folks say Vince is the new pitchman for tomorrow because his style is more natural. “I dunno, it sells itself,” and “It’s made in Germany, you know the Germans are always making good stuff.” Yeah like walls etc. Too soon? Regardless his style is kinda hard to argue with, somehow.

Then again, Mays’ beard lends credibility to the latenight/early afternoon ads in a way that only Ron Popeil could top. Vince isn’t so much credible as he is convincing if you catch my drift.

Werd on the street is Mays has challenged Offer to a pitch-off. Check out the clip above &#151 someone mashed together the ShamWow and Zorbeez ad. They’re pretty much exactly the same, save for the presenters of course. Here’s a poll &#151 tell us who you think is better.

Note: Popular Mechanics did a test and apparently the ShamWow is more absorbent.

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