Whiskas U.K.’s ‘Kitten Kollege’ Is Now in Session

By Erik Oster 

AMV BBDO teamed up with Google, Mediacom and College Humor to launch a digital campaign for Whiskas U.K. entitled “Kitten Kollege.”

The concept, which is really pretty self-explanatory, is introduced in “Welcome to the Kollege” as a “an institute of feline education with a rich history.” There are lots of small jokes sprinkled throughout such as string theory being about, well, strings and cats studying literature such as Cat-22, The Prince of Persian and the works of Katka. A second episode explores “Our Diverse Student Body,” from the athletic Maine coons to the “differently engaged” (lazy) ragdolls. There’s also a seemingly endless series of supporting educational ads exploring topics like “Kittens and drinking,” litter training and neutering.

Utilizing cat humor is an obvious but rewarding tactic for the category, with Friskies viral “Dear Kitten” spots, an example of the approach at its most successful. While Whiskas’ effort is unlikely to reach the same levels of virality as that campaign, it is a cute and sometimes funny effort that should spark plenty of share on social media and if it can even begin to approach the number of views as “Dear Kitten,” Whiskas will have to consider it a success.