Where the F*** is SuperSpy? and ‘Me fail English? That’s unpossible!’

By Matt Van Hoven 

Many of you have been wondering where SuperSpy is these days &#151 for example, some have said, “Matt, you fucking suck at life, where is SuperSpy?” and so on. Well, we thank you for sticking around and dealing with little ole’ me while SuperSpy is off doing her thing. Really, we really do. We love you, your comments, your tips, just you.

Truth is, like you, SuperSpy is out there making it happen. Unfortunately for all of us, that requires her to lay down the laptop now and then so she can save the world in other ways. Yeah, I know I’m hard to deal with, especially when I say things like elude instead of allude &#151 and that makes some of you guys sad. It makes me sad, too. As much as I like to think I’m a wordie, I’m so totally not. Wordie isn’t even a word. Oy.

What I am is a writer (grammar and writing are not mutually exclusive, it turns out), and I love writing to you all. It makes me happy, in a strange way, to sit here and tell you the advertising world’s secrets. Funny thing is, lots of you are entertained (presumably) by throwing little word-darts at me for one reason or another. That’s friggin’ sweet. Know why? Because until you’ve been taken to task by George Parker, you don’t know scorn &#151 and he does it for fun. He’s written scathing posts about me more times than I can count, and try as you may, nothing hits you like scornful remarks that actually have a face, a voice &#151 that aren’t hidden by anonymity. And well, George is a real living person who is infinitely knowledgeable about this business &#151 so for me, anonymous comments and e-mails tend to just be, well, anonymous.

With George, there’s some give and take. He calls me an idiot, I call him old. He can’t be blamed for being old, so it’s a weak punch on my part. I have no intention of working in advertising and I don’t pretend to know about it (though I soap box all the time, and try to be logical). At the end of the day, I’m no better at this than when you were starting out in your field. And just like you, I do my best to make this thing work.

So I’ll keep writing, poorly as I do, and hopefully you’ll keep tossing those darts. Even still, I promise to do my best to keep you in the know &#151 because that’s why you’re here.

I have no excuses for my grammatical errors. None. They’re my fault and all I can do is try to improve. That’s it. Isn’t that what you do when you make mistakes? So, I’m not going to quit, as one or two of you have suggested. I’m going to share the stories that make advertising interesting, and that’s that. Still waiting for that Mack truck.

Now, back to the only news you really care about.

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