“When Janet Jackson Showed Her Breasts At The Super Bowl, I Knew The Album Was Going To Be Terrible.”

By SuperSpy 

Steve Stoute, CEO of Translation Advertising, wants to let you know about hip-hop. Stoute has been kicking around hip-hip for centuries. He got his first gig working with Kid ‘N Play. Before entering the ad business, he was also a road manager, an A&R guy and a big deal music label executive. Mary J Blige, Nas, Mariah are all fans.

In the video above, Steve offers up some entertaining truisms on hip hop:

On 50cent: “If you got shot at nine times, what would you be thinking about?” Yup. Yup.

“When Janet Jackson showed her breasts at the Super Bowl, I knew the album was going to be terrible.”

Oh how right he is. Janet is just… it’s just so sad. You know, despite that Wrigley’s thing, I got love for Steve.

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