When Babies Talk, I Listen

By SpyWriter 

He’s back!!!! The creepy/adorable Etrade baby is back with his latest installment. This time he’s peddling banking via your blackberry. Are your banking and trading needs ever that urgent?

Anyway, the baby has more hair and some ‘hot in the pants’ girlfriend. I guess the team over at Grey NY thinks babies and suggestive emails go hand and hand with stock quotes and bank account transfers.

They’re probably right, that baby sure has some charm. After the puking superbowl ad, Etrade boasted that they opened “1,000 new accounts a day”. The ads are really dual purposed, it seems, they broadcast the mobile banking and the Blackberry smartphone. This software is apparently a new technology available only on the Blackberry Smartphone.

The plan is to heavily market this new wireless technology using TV, print and online ads that highlight the very popular talking baby. Since I take all my advice from talking babies, I’m on my way out to by a Smartphone and getting cracking on that trading. Excuse me…