What’s This “The Facebook” All About?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Faceless intern Ryan laughed at me yesterday when, while looking over my shoulder (it’s OK, I knew he was there), he saw me type “the Facebook dot com” into my browser. Hardy friggin har, intern, that’s just how we did it back in the day. Now it’s all streamlined and whatnot, which we think is plum outrageous.

Not really. To the point: we don’t have many friends and would like it if you’d share your thinky-thoughts and diddly-doos with us on Facebook. Click here to see our page, or just visit facebook.com/agencyspy. Personally, I only use the thing for photos but we’ve been meaning to give you another place to get in touch with us. Another way to connect. It’ll be sweet.

Oh, we also have a blog and fan page. Faceless is working on that stuff too, but I think it’s maybe overkill. Whatevs.

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