What’s in a Logo?

By Matt Van Hoven 

(Which way are the arrows pointing?)

Subliminal messaging is our favorite kind of communication. There’s nothing like seeing a beer and thinking about two girls wrestling in a fountain. Is that subliminal?

We’ve done some combing and found a few logos that seem to say more than they let on. OK, so the first is a bit obvi. But you’ll have to look closely at numbers two and three to see what we mean. Click continued to check out our picks.

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Yes yes, the arrow. But come on, this is the best example out there, right?

It’s not a “T” people. Think “south of the border”.

This one might not be as easy to see at first. And, you probably haven’t seen this logo before. Again, think “south of the border” but not in the Rio Grande sense.

Here’s another good one from Men’s Wearhouse tux division. Nifty!