What’s a Night of Drunk Driving Really Like? Leo London Takes Us On a Horrifying Trip

By Bob Marshall 

Before you read on, watch the above spot in full screen. If you have heart problems, maybe avoid this clip altogether.

Good? Okay, “Spoiler Alert” and all that. The above spot comes from Leo Burnett’s London shop and is part of the UK’s Department of Transportation campaign, “THINK!” It’s pretty damn terrifying, watching a bloodied head come crashing through glass.

Unfortunately, the press release ruins some of the magic by telling us that the guys in the bathroom are actors, as there are probably some rules about pulling this prank on unsuspecting citizens, especially if they’re at risk for a heart attack. In any case, pretty effective messaging. Oh, and don’t drive drunk this weekend. Credits after the jump.

Project name: Pub Loo Shocker

Client: Dawn Lauder, Tim Lennon, Claire Farman: Department for Transport

Creative agency: Leo Burnett
Copywriter: Phil Deacon / Sabina Kelly
Art director: Phil Deacon / Sabina Kelly
Creative Directors: Tony Malcolm, Guy Moore
Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall
Agency TV Producer: Emma Bewley
Planner (creative agency): Lorna Burt
Media agency: M4C / Carat
Planner (media agency): Michelle Radley
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ed Morris
Producer: Chris Harrison
Editor: Jack Singer at Cut & Run