What the Hell Did We Just Watch (Monday Edition)?

By Kiran Aditham 

From first glance, pretty much anyone could figure out that this is some spoof tourism campaign for North Korea, but as the YouTube description reveals, it’s actually intended as part of a viral effort to promote a new iPad entertainment/news app called Punch! The creators of the app, which include figureheads from Radar and DailyCandy, decided for whatever reason to use the upcoming 100th anniversary of the birth of North Korea “founder and eternal President Kim Il Sung” as a key component of the Punch launch.

The parties involved even came up with a statement regarding this peculiar push from a character named Lee Woo-Jin of the DPRK Tourism board, which reads, “The Great leader is also very fond of his iPad and Daily Candy, so when he heard the famous mogul Mrs. Dany Levy was involved with a new ipad app, he had us find her immediately. When we realized that the app was launching at exactly the same time almost as the 100th anniversary, we took it as a sign that we had to be a part of it.”

Judging from what we just saw, we’re thinking the Punch! bunch would’ve been just as well off co-opting the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster to complement their launch. Update: Sources familiar with the matter add that it is a “spoof” to build buzz for Punch (duh). They reveal only that the app will be out “soon” but it is “mind-blowing.” Take that as you will.