What One Man Has Been Doing Since Getting Laid Off From His Ad Job

By Matt Van Hoven 

Stan, short for “stuck in Michigan”, was kind enough to share his story with us. That’s not his real name, but the story is true. He’s a young guy with questions &#151 so some of you more experienced folks &#151 take a look and help him out, eh? Take it away, Stan.

Well a bit of back story, I recently graduated from college with a degree in information systems. Because of my darn love of interactive, I’ve been trying to stay in web. I was working at Doner from about June &#151 October on “contract to hire” premises given to me by Aquent. Long story short, contract ended and that was that. After another two week contract job with another firm Aquent hasn’t been able to place me.


I’m still working on my web design skills having gone to Carsonified’s Future of Web Design and doing freelancing here and there, but nothing to bet on.

Nagging aside, I think I’ll pose two questions. First how the heck does someone like myself who’s a recent college grad get my next job because of my limited experience (no i don’t really want to quit looking and short sell myself to Starbucks to fill the time), and also I’m stuck in Michigan until I find away out. I’ve had a few moderately interested companies call me but lose interest when they found out I was out of state and would have to travel and/or relocate. Yes I also tried to make the impression I was not looking for relocation but that would be on me. How do I make those California dream jobs seem more realistic?

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