What do Enfatico and NASA Have in Common? Marketing!

By Matt Van Hoven 

Over on “The Next Storyboard“, also known as Enfatico’s unread blog, there’s a compelling post about waste in advertising. You know, how there’s a lot of it, (eh hem, CP+B and your meat perfume) and we should all be working hard to prevent it. Turns out, Enfatico’s anti-waste beliefs are shared by NASA &#151 and former Enfatico front-man Casey Jones.

Via Valerie Hausladen, managing director of Enfatico Austin, who wrote the post: “We combine advanced analytics designed to provide strategic insight &#151 just the type of targeting Casey mentions &#151 with a system built to deliver utmost efficiency i.e. insights into previously unmeasured consumer behavior, a global talent pool, and integrated marketing disciplines working in close collaboration so that we can efficiently develop multi-disciplinary campaigns for execution in markets around the world.”

She continues: “At Enfatico we’re using the same technology that NASA uses to fine tune our marketing communications programs…”

Glad to hear that. But we think it’s a bit hard to be wasteful when you haven’t created anything to begin with. Though, ruining the careers of countless industry folk, including those who were put out of work by the merger and those who will lose their jobs when WPP ices the thing (well, it’s a looming possibility at this point, isn’t it?) is in a sense, “wasteful.” It’s also excessive to drop mad cash on a 10 year lease when your contract only lasts three years and when the industry is on the cusp of a colossal fail.

Maybe they’re talking about a different kind of waste, but that’s what came to mind when we read the post. Back to an earlier point: meat cologne…really?