Wexley Wants You to Keep Your Resolutions, Be More Handsome

By Ella Riley-Adams 

It’s mid-year, about the time when we call our resolute New Year’s selves delusional. “I like being chubby!,” we say to ourselves, standing in line for Mr. Softee, adding, “I don’t know what January me was thinking, getting all intense about exercise and nutrition.”

To vanquish mid-year defeatist thoughts, Seattle-based ad agency Wexley School for Girls is challenging people to re-commit to their New Year’s resolutions or make a brand new resolution, because according to the folks there, June 15 is the new January 1. It’s called the “Before and After Challenge,” and it aims to encourage accountability and celebrate success.

“The only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept with myself was giving up croutons for a year,” says Cal McAllister, Wexley co-founder/creative director. “I don’t even like croutons, but I wanted to make sure I could check that box. With this in mind, the Before and After Challenge is about helping people stay motivated with their resolutions and successfully achieve their goals.”

Participants simply mail $49.00 to Wexley, with a portion of that money donated to a charity of the participant’s choosing. Then they wait for a “Before” T-shirt that they’ll wear for their website profile pic. When participants complete their challenge, they’ll get an “After” t-shirt, worn for comparative photo.

As an agency whose home page is filled with golf balls and mission statement includes the sentence “We make hearts race,” this feel-good project fits with Wexley’s endearing style. Visit beforeandafterchallenge.com to see fellow challengers and contemplate undertaking one of your own. Just don’t give up ice cream; this heat wave has certain requirements.