WestJet, studio m Stage ‘Christmas Miracle’

By Erik Oster 

Well, the holiday items keep pouring in today. This one is a “Christmas miracle” from our neighbors to the north.

Canadian airline WestJet and studio m collaborated to give visitors to Toronto and Hamilton International Airports a Christmas miracle. They discovered what more than 250 Calgary-bound passengers had on their wish lists, with help from a tech-savvy Santa. Then 175 Westjet employees acted as elves, taking notes on passenger’s Christmas wishes, shopping, wrapping the gifts and delivering them to the Calgary airport ahead of the gifts’ recipients. When the passengers arrived at baggage claim in Calgary, they were met with a Christmas miracle — the gifts they had wished for were there waiting for them — addressed from Santa, of course. As the wrapped presents went around the carousel, Santa himself showed up to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

Making baggage claim fun is truly a miracle, and WestJet clearly jumped through hoops to pull this stunt off. It made a lot of peoples’ days, and the kids who got presents from Santa that day will probably remember it forever. Not a bad way to engender brand loyalty, but intentions aside, WestJet staged a really heartwarming event. The genuineness of the gesture and its perfect execution more than make up for any excess cheesiness in the video, which plays on the classic poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (better known by its first line, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”). Stick around for “Santa’s Bloopers” after the jump, but beware, the cheesiness increases exponentially.