Well, Gensler Seems Pretty Busy in the Agency World

By Kiran Aditham 


The demand is grand, it appears, in the agency world for architectural firm, Gensler, which has not only created Zimmerman 3.0 but developed the new space for San Francisco-based, annoyingly-named MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER. Since we know you love this so much, let us share with you a look or two at the new digs of MTZH (yeah, we’ll just go with that for now).

The agency recently moved into the to the 15th/16th floors of a 1920’s-built Sansome Street office building in SF’s financial district. In a statement, MTZH co-founder/ECD  John Matejczyk says, “At the outset, I told the Gensler team that our company’s color comes from our work and our people. Rather than designing a wacky creative space, we were more interested in a well-reasoned, buttoned-up space that would provide a pedestal for the adventuresome creative work we deliver to our clients. Gensler called our work ‘precise’ and felt the design of the space should reflect that. We ended up going with the simplest palette of black and white. Further, the scheme is black on black, or white on white.”



There are no portraits of founders to be found ala Zimmerman, but we feel cozy staring and living large vicariously.

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