Wednesday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Periscope out of Minneapolis has the world’s strongest man, Martin Licis, pulling an airplane to illustrate Hefty’s sustainability efforts.

-The U.K.’s advertising watchdog, the ASA, has put “unscrupulous facemask vendors” on the naughty step for “alarmist” ads about coronavirus.

-Speaking of coronavirus, the mothership over at Adweek has a running list of cancellations due to the unfolding crisis.


-From “The Department of the Inevitable,” Popeyes named Gut as its creative AOR.

-Good people do finish first. GroupM has named Karen Blackett as its CEO in the U.K.

Joe Biden texted us for money. Again.

-Corona beer is (wisely) keeping a low profile. Here’s why it’s a good idea.

-It’s Stockholm Design Week.

Fox News canceled its upfront preso.