Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Is the solution to America’s overconsumption of meat more meat? That’s the concept behind Impossible Foods’ new ad campaign for its plant-based meat products. Produced by independent agency Erich and Kallman, the campaign declares “we can have our meat and eat it, too” in the form of Impossible Foods’ burgers, nuggets, hot dogs, meatballs and more, according to an excitable pitch guy. A series of vignettes showcase them seared on an outdoor grill, piping hot in a sub sandwich, and sizzling in the oven—looking a lot like meat.

-ADWEEK has named its 2024 Media All-Stars, and they range from agency leaders to rising stars.


-ADWEEK’s Media Executive of the Year, Valerie Davis, talks about how she led Stagwell’s Assembly through consolidation and growth.

-If you weren’t familiar with breastfeeding brand Swehl before this week, you surely are now after the company’s 45-foot billboard featuring cookbook author Molly Baz took over Times Square.

-Media agencies are purchasing media from suppliers and selling it back to their clients for more than they bought it, and according to new research by the ANA, the practice is widespread and still growing.

-Can a rebrand and new name save the Boy Scouts, now called Scouting America? Lily Thaler, strategist at Design Bridge and Partners, wonders in a voice piece.

-In more Four Walls Whiskey news, the brand will be joining the now famous Wrexham football teams on their Wrex Coast Tour dates. The women’s dates were just announced by Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds. Other sponsors of the tour, made possibly by Ally, include Betty Buzz, Gatorade, HP Inc., STōK Cold Brew Coffee and United Airlines.