Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-For some people, just having their loved ones present and in the moment—away from their mobile devices and other distractions—would be a gift enough. That’s the concept behind Brazilian cosmetics brand O Boticário’s Christmas campaign. The effort by AlmapBBDO addresses the issue of artificial intimacy and encourages people to connect on a genuine level to the tune of the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There.” The film takes a metaphorical approach, filled with UFOs and alien abductions, depicting presence and absence in interpersonal relationships, exploring the ways in which the stimuli around us affect our perception and distance us from our loved ones.

-The Creative Circus is being resurrected by Virginia Commonwealth University, which worked with agency McKinney to bring the ad school back to life in a more affordable way.


-In her time off from tennis, Naomi Osaka built a business empire, and a family.

-According to Pinterest, 2024 will bring eclectic grandpa sweaters, cheeseburger tacos, jellyfish haircuts and more, as relayed by the brand’s Sara Pollack on the latest Adweek podcast.

-Purpose-driven agency Public Inc. has put a cheeky feminist spin on Santa’s demonic counterpart Krampus by introducing Crampus.

-The active imaginations at Fanatics-owned Topps and their creative partners Flower Shop think that Tom Brady—the Montreal Expos’ 18th round draft pick as a catcher in 1995—could have saved the franchise.

-Creative agency TDA Boulder has introduced a spirited initiative for Colorado client, The Post Chicken & Beer, a casual dining restaurant chain in the heart of Denver. The out-of-home placement, designed to playfully challenge the norms set by the industry giant Chick-fil-A, offers an enticing proposition to its employees: a free Sunday meal when dressed in their uniform. The OOH billboards announcing the program will go live on December 18.

A Denver restaurant playfully teases Chick-fil-A about being closed Sundays.