Wednesday Stir

By tlstanley 

The Spongmonkeys have a new streaming single.

-It’s been a few months since the bug-eyed, hairy little “hell lemurs” known as the Spongmonkeys have returned as mascots of the Quiznos sandwich chain. Now they’re ready for their musical debut, and consumers can win prizes for decoding their screech-singing.

The restaurant brand, backed by agency Tank Design, has dropped the Spongmonkeys’ first full-length single called “We Love The Subs!!!” on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.


The weird pop song—with a rap break in the middle and a sweetly catchy back beat—features some barely discernible lyrics mixed in with loving tributes to road trips and sub searches.

The first 25 consumers who can decipher the caterwauling can win a package that includes t-shirts, gift cards and other Quiznos swag.

The three-minute ditty comes from Spongmonkeys creator Joel Veitch and his brother Alex Veitch, who wrote the original 30-second jingle that Quiznos used the introduce the spokescreatures in 2004.

The Spongmonkeys, in hibernation for nearly two decades, represent a chain that has also revived itself. Under new ownership with High Bluff Capital Partners—after a 2014 bankruptcy filing—the Denver-based Quiznos chain began franchising in 2022 for the first time in more than a decade. Since then, nearly 100 restaurant franchises have been completed, per the brand.

“Quiznos is back, and so are our Spongmonkeys,” per Quiznos CMO Brent Phillip. “Our iconic and slightly unsettling creatures are here to entertain Quiznos fans, both new and old. For those who’ve journeyed far and wide in pursuit of our legendary subs, this song promises to be the necessary soundtrack to your quest.”

Veitch, defending the meme-worthy characters that reportedly made some kids cry during their first incarnation, said he is “so proud of the handsome Spongmonkeys. All they have ever wanted is to spread joy in the world through their beautiful gift of music. That, and to eat subs. Now they can take their deserved place alongside other comparable musical legends such as Bach, McCartney and Bieber.”

Listen to the song if you dare by clicking the link below.