Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-As more companies are mandating that people return to the office, Hyundai and Innocean have come up with a campaign that hits the RTO movement right on the head. In a spot for the Hyundai Kona, “Welcome Back to the Commute,” former work-from-homers realize that they must get back in the car and brave the commute to the office. The work captures the excitement, loss, anticipation, anxiety and human truth of adapting to change, whether they like it or not. The action finds Kona drivers getting out of their driveways and into big city traffic jams but ultimately happy with their choice of commuter vehicle.

-Agency holding companies, marketers, ad-tech and trade organizations are all turning their gaze to attention tracking, but transparency on the issue could lead to new challenges.


-A select group of marketing leaders discuss diversity in marketing and getting ahead by leaving no one behind.

-During Brandweek, Adweek’s Brittaney Kiefer sat down with Orr Shakked, CMO of The RealReal, to discuss the benefits of secondhand fashion.

-Also during Brandweek, Jennifer “JJ” Healan, McDonald’s vice president of U.S. marketing, brand, content and culture, revealed that the brand’s recent success comes down to ignoring the haters and speaking directly to fans.

-New York Festivals Advertising Awards joins forces with Scott Goodson, CEO of StrawberryFrog to unveil the latest episode of the content series, “Purpose Haze.” In the newest episode, Scott and Chip Walker, partner, and head of strategy at StrawberryFrog, do a deep dive to uncover insights discussed in their “Activating Brand Purpose” book and more. Visit the site to listen to the discussion.

-As fall descends upon the Great Lakes, Pure Michigan is inviting visitors to spice up the season with a campaign offering visitors a fresh dash of fall. The state’s natural beauty and fall delights are wrapped up in renowned Detroit poet jessica Care moore’s new “Keep Falling for Michigan” poem. Moore was brought on as an additional voice to the iconic Pure Michigan brand earlier this year, and this new ode to Michigan embraces the change of seasons with powerful language and stunning visuals.