Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Vancouver, British Columbia lost its only NBA team in 2001, when the Grizzlies moved to Memphis. Now, the city is seeking the few people who can actually purchase a team, billionaires, to bring the NBA back to the city. Spearheaded by the Vancouver office of independent creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo for sports apparel brand Vancity Original, an initiative has been launched with a website featuring 15 Vanback jerseys that are being offered exclusively to anyone who can pledge $200 million towards a future team. With 15 key players secured, pledges would add up to $3 billion, roughly the average valuation of an NBA team.

-Essence Ventures has been a voice for Black women, and now it’s time for brands to start listening.


-Over the long Fourth of July weekend, Pepsi encouraged consumers to celebrate classic holiday traditions while also embracing innovative new ways to enjoy them in its latest effort to prove everything is “better with Pepsi.”

-To celebrate National Bomb Pop Day, frozen treat maker Bomb Pop partnered with business agency Gale and actor Gavin Casalegno to launch a merchandise collection.

Liza Bortnikova, COO and co-founder of programmatic consultancy firm AI Digital, wrote about what relocating her team from Russia taught her about leadership, people and marketing.

-Premium sportswear brand Castore, with FCB London, turned tennis star Andy Murray’s hip X-ray into a billboard.