Wednesday Odds and Ends: The Rumormill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

Here’s a sample of the tips we’ve received today (OK maybe one or two are from yesterday) that didn’t provide enough info to follow-up on (OK or maybe we thought they were better in their uncooked form). Enjoy.

&#151 “financial based layoffs at a hot NY shop yesterday?”

&#151 “schematic new york cant hold on to its ECDs. the 2nd one in one year just left.”

(Ed’s note: Schematic did not return our phone call by the time this story was published)

&#151 Jill Holmstrom joins Karsh\Hagan as an Account Supervisor. K\H isn’t CP+B, if you recall.

&#151 “Grey just laid off four creatives. At least. Some of them quite senior and talented.”

(Ed’s note: Grey did not respond to our e-mail by the time this story was published.)

&#151 “BBDO is all hands on deck defending Pepsi. Chiat Day is doing ‘projects’ for the long time client. David Lubars is supposedly universally disliked by the Pepsi folks and that’s a big part of the problem. Look for Omnicom to offer a network solution and see BBDO have a diminished role in the future.”

(Ed’s note: BBDO responded “no comment”)

&#151 “Mendelsohn Zien purchased Spacedog to lay off the digital team and bring in new talent….smoke and mirrors from a [sic] ECD who has NO CLUE how the digital space works…..Stay away, stay far away!”

(Ed’s note: We admit to being confused about this one. MZ has yet to get back to us, and SpaceDog’s info all connects to MZ, so that part seems to be true.)

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