Wednesday Odds and Ends: The RumorMill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 “With TBWA NY piss poor track record of not winning anything this year and BBDO’s huge loss of Pepsi, some have suggested the two NY offices will merge. TBWA & BBDO already share clients like Mars and Schering Will this happen?”

&#151 “30 more let go from BBDO Det today.”

&#151 “small layoffs in Razorfish West, about 7%”

&#151 “G2 Branding & Design Lets President CCO Leslie Singer Go”

&#151 “Just heard that Team Detroit will be making big cuts this week.”

&#151 “So and So, CEO of _______ (a pure-play media services company) to be replaced by So and So. _________ was most recently CEO-in-residence at private-equity firm __________ Investors…Where is there any solid media experience in this dude’s background? How will clients respond?”