Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today you probably didn’t fall for any good gags. Coworker Carey didn’t fall four our lame prank, though it was only because someone else got to her first. Nonetheless, we were reminded of how similar advertising is to April 1st. Someone creates a message that sorta resembles truth and tries to convince other people that it’s true. The only difference is that when you fall for the advertising gag, you’ve probably lost some money. So be honest in your work folks, as so many of you are, and you’ll make it to another April Fools’ day.

&#151 These are the new hard times. Learn how to cope. link


&#151 Life Magazine is reborn, again, this time online. link

&#151 That whole Weinstein v. NBC ‘Project Runway’ dispute has been settled, thanks to moola. link

&#151 AT&T knows what it’s like to be broke. See, they have ads about it. link

&#151 Every time Martin Sorrell speaks, an addie dies. link

&#151 Parker’s got a funny little review of a book we reviewed awhile ago, “The King of Madison Avenue”. link

&#151 The UK is considering monitoring social networking sites. Um, this news probably means they’re already doing it, but now they want to pretend like they weren’t and “ease” into people being OK with it. link

&#151 The new X-men Origins flick, Wolverine, was leaked onto the Web today. And it doesn’t come out for a month. Oh, it’s a DVD quality version. link