Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Three cups of bold coffee later we’re fighting to remember everything we’ve read today. Wednesdays are fun like that because you’re so fried that all you want is to go home and scarf some ice cream but no, you have to make dinner and punch a baby before dozing off in front of Larry King, who should have been in bed hours ago. What? Here’s the news.

&#151 Did you know Peter Arnell’s latest gig is building Gwyneth Paltrow’s site? That dude does not sit still. link


&#151 GE’s stock is in the sh*tter. They’re the GM of everything else, so that sucks. link

&#151 Gossip is the water that leaks through an old rotten boat’s hull. link

&#151 Check out this take on the whole Happy Corp pisses off MoMA thing. link

&#151 Get your shoe boxes and mason jars ready; the FDIC is about to go under. link

&#151 Look at this Debbie Downer. STFU a-hole! link

&#151 Fast times at Chicago’s snark-pub. link