Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today was the biggest day of layoffs we’ve seen in awhile. Yesterday was pretty bad too, but today BBDO Detroit, Organic, PHD, Horizon, the Martin Agency, McGarry Bowen and others have been forced to do what we’ve all seen happening for months. Depressing, we know. Here’s some other news you might want to pay attention to.

&#151 MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal is predicting growth, and he even has some numbers behind his thoughts. link

&#151 Jim Edwards of B|Net had some salient things to say about Enfatico. Namely, they haven’t cut enough people &#151 that is, based on Dell’s marketing cutbacks. link

&#151 Tiger Woods is just back in the game after nine months, and already he’s kicking ass. link

&#151 Pepsico wants ladies to know that when you bake things, they’re better for you. Case in point, Frito’s. Just ease up on the sour cream. link

&#151 Headline of the Day: “Too Much Gloom and Doom Dampens Spending.” Gee, thanks AdAge. link

&#151 In case you missed it, the president spoke about some important things last night. link

&#151 Houses are cheap as hell. Too bad we don’t have any money. Sad face. link

&#151 Bloggers 1, Lame Antiquated Journos 0. link

&#151 Would you buy Jacko’s arcade games knowing they’d been used to seduce innocent boys? Yes you would, it’s Mortak Kombat! link

&#151 This “Kindle 2 reading aloud feature is putting audiobook makers out of business” business is lame. How do you think that kid from The Reader feels? link

&#151 Hot sauce. Sperm. Vaginas. You do the really painful math. link