Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Johannes Leonardo’s latest for insurance company Sonnet aired during the Oscars in Canada and starred transgender actress Joslyn DeFreece.

-Toyota hired a new VP of marketing for North America. Look out, Saatchi & Saatchi?

-UEG is the latest non-traditional agency plotting to steal your business.

-ICYMI, Dave Trott wrote a blog rant about how all that money spent on advertising is wasted if the ads don’t get noticed.

-Boston-based brand strategy and creative agency Forge had all employees create a custom pair of NikeID sneakers including the word “move” to promote its new positioning platform.

-Martin Sorrell thinks Snapchat will be YUGE, but its user growth is slowing. Time to get grandma on board.

-Instagram also opened up to ads on its new Stories feature around the world.

-In totally unrelated news, Variety got photos outlining exactly what happened to fuck up the Oscars: too much tweeting.