Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Hello Viking seems overly inspired by Goodby’s NBA split-screen ads from 2008 with its new campaign for the University of Vermont. link

-Cyrus Mehri discusses race discrimination on Madison Avenue. link

-Add another to the tally, Tiger Woods and GM are done. link

-Coors deploys handheld games to bars to hype the Super Bowl. link

-Mono lets you play Cyclops. link

-Watch out Lady GaGa. Sarah Jessica Parker might possibly be landing a creative director gig at Halston. link

-Former CHI and Partners head of TV/digital production Anthony Falco joined MPC to lead the company’s strategy and new business development in digital. link

-The Atlantic’s digital revenues jumped 275% in the Q4 2009 compared to the same period in ’08 thanks for 50 new advertisers. link

-Oddcast CEO Adi Sideman explains how to make a viral campaign actually contagious. link

-What do future consumers look like? link

-Uniqlo’s pretty nifty digital projects from 2007-present are now on display. link

-10 musts for marketing to women on Facebook. link

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