Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 Zimmerman racks up another win: George Foreman grills! link

&#151 MADD has a new campaign in Canada about ways to get away with driving drunk. Some great tips in there, for all them idiots. link

&#151 Anyone hoping to predict the future, check out Culture Lab’s trends for 2010. We promise not to post anymore of this stuff. link

&#151 ‘X-Men Last Stand’ director Brett Ratner did these ads for Atlantis. Boring as hell doesn’t begin to describe. link

&#151 Apparently, Pennsylvania Ave and Madison Ave are just getting to know one another. link

&#151 There’s no better landing page for Coldwell Banker than Adrants. link

&#151 Dr. Pepper’s using Gene Simmons in their Super Bowl ad. I’d yawn, but I’m too bored. link

&#151 BBC puts their $30+ million account up for review. link

&#151 Google is advertising NexusOne on their homepage. Sneaky buggers. link