Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Ad spending to stabilize in 2012, maybe thanks to online. link

-Microsoft, Mediabrands, Kia and Hyundai try neuroscience to understand ad effectiveness. link


-Paris-based Fred & Farid concocts French-flavored weirdness for Orangina. link

-Swedish director Magnus Rosman and Nora Adams joined CP+B Europe, Gothenburg as head of video and director of business affairs, respectively. link

-Greystripe launches ads for Android. link

-Can customer complaints on Twitter help or hurt brands? link

-Volkswagen to buy 20% stake in Suzuki for $2.5 billion. link

-Euro RSCG was named largest global ad agency in the AdAge’s 2009 Global Marketers Report. link

-TIME picks Droid as gadget of the year. link

-Did Norway just introduce spiral marketing? link

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