Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Brian Wheelis, former global marketing solutions manager for Facebook, is joining Austin-based shop McGarrah Jessee as media engagement director.

-Speaking of the aforementioned social network, eMarketer reports that Facebook’s share of the $104.04 billion global digital ad market reached 4.11 percent in 2012, up from 3.65 percent in 2011. In addition, Facebook is expected to increase its share of global digital advertising revenues to 5.04 percent.

-Jon Bond seems psyched about the public launch of social media agency, Kodiak/Samurai. link

-Seeing as we receive Grey NY CCO/president Tor Myhren’s memos to staff at a consistent pace, why break the chain. Here’s the latest regarding the agency’s first-ever Emmy nod:

“For the first time in Grey’s 96 year history, we have been nominated for an Emmy. This year, only four commercials in the world were nominated, and Canon’s beautifully mesmerizing  “Inspired” spot ( was one of them. We will be up against Nike and Google, so the competition is stiff. But win or lose, this is a huge feat, and illustrates just how far we’ve come.

The Emmy’s will be held on September 22nd. So be sure to tune in.

Huge congrats to our Canon team.
They continue to raise the bar on what famously effective work can be.

-With the help of Acquity Group, lifestyle brand C. Wonder has relaunched its e-commerce portal. link

-Seattle-based agency Creature has promoted Tyson Flandreau, who returned to the agency last year after a decade-long hiatus, from account director to executive director of account management.

-The ad folks behind the HappyBombs Kickstarter project, which we covered over a month ago, are only halfway to meeting their goal with just 59 hours left. Give ’em some love if you so choose (video, once again, above).

-David Brashear is making his prodco debut as a commercial director with New York-based Harpoon Pictures.