Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-The NBA says not so fast on its jersey advertising program. link

-Just in time for Halloween, San Francisco agency Duncan/Channon brings back a rather playful StubHub TicketOak (above).

-Chicago-based agency Tris3ct hired Edelman alum Jeremy Van Ek as EVP of finance and operations.

– Moxie Pictures has signed regarded director/writer/artist Adria Petty for commercial representation.

The Onion debuted its TED parody show (of sorts) called “Onion Talks.” link

-The U.S. Treasury says no more borrowing for you, U.S. Postal Service. link

-Facebook has made its mobile app install ads available to all developers. link

-Here are your finalists from McCann Bucharest’s competition for junior art directors. link; link