Wednesday Odd And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– American Apparel is getting sued by a former accountant who refused to cook the books. (link) I hate their ads. Still.

– Gmail users around the world can now speak to and see each other right from inside their browsers. (link)

– Online publisher Nick Denton is forecasting for doom and gloom across the internet. (link)


– Colorado-based digital agency Fusionbox has opened a new office in New Orleans, Louisiana. (link)

– DDB has named Minerva Garcia to the new position of chief diversity officer. (link)

– The trend towards scaling down the holiday parties is for reals. Just be happy you have a job, okay? (link)

– The first mobile opera has been composed. It’s called “The Devil and George Bush.” Natch. (link)

– Whoa. McDonald’s goes unbranded in Japan. (link).

Tom Perriello, who won the battle for the congressional seat of the 5th District in Virginia, may have one the best planned political commercials ever. (link)