Wednesday Morning Stir

By Kiran Aditham 

-The Art Directors Club announced that this year, ADC Awards winners will be announced one month in advance and that the May 19th event will be a two-part affair. link

-Leo Burnett, Digital Domain and directing duo TWiN’s “Wonder-full” Samsung spot (above) is also purported to be the first 3D cinema ad ever created for a consumer electronics brand. link


-Tiger Woods hopes that the sponsors who dropped him will see that he’s still a “worthy investment” moving forward. link

-One iPad reviewer thinks Netflix might have the first “killer app” for the product. link

-T3 and GSD&M Idea City are doing their part to curb the agency job drought. link

-New York-based Lucky Viral Branded Content hired Mary Crosse to lead new business initiatives. link

-Hipsters riot at an American Apparel rummage sale in London. link

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