Wednesday Morning Stir

By Minda Smiley 

-BlackBerry. Remember them? Human foibles. You do know about that. Funworks went ahead and mashed the two of them together for a new ad touting security. The agency is pretty good at zeroing in on a specific insight and wringing the most out of it—and this is no exception.

In “brand things you might not need,” there is a Steve Jobs-inspired iPhone (which includes a logo containing the real fabric of Jobs’ black turtleneck sweater) for a cool $6,000.

-In other “things you might not need, but who are we to judge?” news, the Vatican has—wait for it—launched a “click to pray” eRosary. No further comment needed.

-Remember when Heinz made a ketchup bottle featuring Ed Sheeran’s tattoos? We’re here to report that it may have started a trend: now Budweiser is sticking the tattoos of soccer star Sergio Ramos on a limited-edition bottle. It’s part of a tie-up between the two.

David Jones, co-founder of global youth forum One Young World and former Havas CEO, recently told The Drum that he does not believe that the trend of brands seeking to adopt purpose is taken seriously by the holding company execs. 

-And finally, BBDO is back again with another ad about periods. This time it’s for And will definitely give you Stranger Things vibes.