Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Cramer-Krasselt handed out 750 brand new Porsche Cayennes, because it’s “the world’s most shareable sportscar.” We should mention they were 1/43 the size of the real car.

Layoffs hit McCann Detroit, MRM McCann and the global Commonwealth//McCann organization yesterday after GM announced more job cuts.

Martin Sorrell thinks clients looking to take back control from their agencies is pretty much exactly like Brexit. (FWIW, he voted remain.)

-REI president and CEO Jerry Stritzke announced his resignation from the company yesterday after an investigation into “a personal and consensual relationship” between himself and “the leader of another organization in the outdoor industry.”

-Initiative won the Nintendo U.S. media review.

-R/GA promoted Saneel Radia to global chief innovation officer and named Jess Greenwood and Tom Morton as U.S. chief strategy officers.

-The in-housing specialists at Oliver hired Rodrigo Sobral, formerly with R/GA London, as global CCO.

George Tannenbaum recalls the old New York, when things were really, really cold.