Wednesday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 


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Stay safe on the roads everyone 💞@akltransport #NoOneIsInvincible #DontDriveDistracted #Collab


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-Driving while sipping coffee, applying lipstick, checking out her appearance … New Zealand’s top stuntwoman Zoë Bell shows the dangers of distracted driving. “The Most Dangerous Stunt in the World” was created by Ogilvy NZ.

-So what does the cost of a Super Bowl ad ($5 million) get you in digital media? Digiday tells us that brands can get plenty.

-Would you install a virtual private network from Facebook? Neither would we, but the social media behemoth is paying teens to do just that. Ew.

-Aw, poor Casey Neistat.

-Geometry Global in the U.K. is launching a brand and design practice.

-AT&T’s goal of becoming a media powerhouse keeps hitting snags because, dammit, people keep cutting those cords.

-Nike is being asked to recall one of its shoes that appears to have “Allah” written in Arabic on the sole. A petition is in circulation to get the Air Max 270 out of stores.

-A Scottish dust-up. The nation’s creative sector is banding together to protest Marketing Edinburgh’s massive budget cut (to the tune of almost 90 percent).

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