Wednesday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Did you know that you needed a smart mirror? Neither did we. RSA Films did a little something on it that has a trope or two … or four.

-Considering the sad state of the media business, George Tanenbaum wonders if the main problem with the ad industry might just be our underlying economic system.


-”We need to get approval from the Trump administration for this merger.” “Let’s stay in his D.C. hotel.” “Bruh, great idea!” T-Mobile makes travel plans to get that Sprint deal through.

-There are peaks. There are valleys. Apparently, there is a valley as marketing budgets have stopped rising after six years according to Campaign.

-MasterCard changed their logo. Was it some great insight from their agency? Nah. It was the in-house team.

Donald Trump served the national champion Clemson Tigers a “feast” of fast food. The internet went bananas. Cue the Photoshop battles. There was also some epic trolling from Burger King.

-Speaking of fast food, almost all of the food advertising targeting African-American and Hispanic kids in the U.S. are for unhealthy products.

-More fast food? Why not? An Irish fast food joint, Supermac, has won a legal fight against McDonald’s over the Big Mac trademark.

-Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t flushing their Gillette razors down the toilet because of its ad tackling toxic masculinity.

-Well this is awkward. Rihanna has sued her dad over the use of her beauty line’s name.