Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Talking toilets, eh? Don’t mind if we do, Heimat and Hornbach.

-Who’s behind the decline of creative agencies? According to More About Advertising, it’s all those dusty geezers in media.

-Ogilvy’s George Tanenbaum has the hottest of dada takes on the WPP mega-merger. We love this guy.


-According to global CEO Mel Edwards, Wunderman Thompson will promote U.K. leadership from within.

-British digital agency twentysix will launch its first U.S. office in New York in partnership with The Gate. Roger Suggett will lead the two MSQ Partner companies.

-R/GA hired Tuomas Peltoniemi away from TBWA to serve as its new head of APAC.

-RAPP promoted London-based Shiona McDougall to global chief strategy officer.

-Here’s one you don’t see every day. Salem Media Group, “owner of conservative talk and Christian-themed radio stations,” is launching its own agency.

-And international ad fraud schemes were based in … wait for it … Eastern Europe!