Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-FCB Toronto introduces the NBA Milwaukee Bucks Debit Mastercard for BMO Harris with a new campaign (video above).

-Digiday takes a look at “How agencies are celebrating Halloween beyond costume parties.”

-A study by research firm Ace Metrix found that non-Cannes ads are more watchable and relevant. In related news, most people dont’ give a shit about industry awards.


-About those Weinstein Company sponsorships

-Brazilian paper company Santher appropriated a black empowerment slogan to promote the country’s first black toilet paper. Neogama agency was behind the campaign and has since deleted references to the slogan, following the inevitable backlash.

-Riaz Meer, of broadcast union BECTU’s Black Members Committee, explains “Why black creative workers are shifting towards being bored of the diversity debate” and are “wary of industry claims about a commitment to diversity.”

-Viewers like sponsorships more than ads.

-Agencies’ primary concerns include increased competition from consultancies and transparency issues.