Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Proximity Bacelona launched “The Desert Cowboys” for Skoda auto (video above).

-Chipotle chief marketing and development officer Mark Crumpacker says the chain’s advertising “kind of needs queso,” now can VB&P deliver?

-On that note, the future of McDonald’s is delivery. So says their CEO.


-Who needs Coachella when you can watch VML employees rock the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City at Vmella?

-LBB’s Laura Swinton compares JWT’s Pangaea and Publicis Groupe’s Marcel.

Michael Phelps says it’s not his fault if viewers thought he’d be racing a real shark, because of course he wasn’t and viewers were repeatedly informed he would not be.

-Have a problem but don’t want to go to AA? Adspace senior vice president of digital engagement Ian Mirmelstein started Sober Executives in Advertising, Media & Marketing, or SEAM.