Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Droga5 London, Paramount held a slow-motion marathon to promote the new Baywatch movie (video above).

-Get ready for carmakers to cut their marketing budgets as the post-bailout sale streak ends.

-London mayor Sadiq Khan is searching for the city’s first chief digital officer.

-Former Facebook exec Antonio Garcia-Martinez says, “don’t believe what they tell you about ads.”

-How did a “viral Instagram account” become a marketing agency? By re-posting other people’s work.

-We don’t know what a “meta creative” is but she/he is apparently on the rise.

-For the latest in Adweek’s “Best Advice I Ever Got” series: What not to do after selling an idea to a client.

-gyro San Francisco launched a print campaign targeting cigarette littering for nonprofit the Surfrider Foundation.