Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Russian agency 3Sba created this disturbing ad for Credit Bank of Moscow (video above), which shows Santa abducting and torturing a single mother, apparently in service of the tagline, “Time for the Precious Things.” Understandably, a lot of people find it upsetting.

JWT has some things to teach young people, but we don’t know what they might be.

Pat Murphy of Murphy Cobb Associates ponders if the agency model can survive 2017.

-AW360 explains “How Brands Can Make the Most of Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Trends.”

-Security firm White Ops claims Russian cyber criminals have been making $3-5 million via ad fraud, tricking advertisers into thinking their fake sites were actually major publications. 

-People who work in the ad industry respond to this latest “scoop” about ad fraud.

-Budweiser U.K. is offering Christmas Eve revelers a free Uber home, extending its partnership with the ride-sharing app.

-Which agency holiday cards did Digiday miss?