Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Grip Limited launched “#ThePizzaBump” to promote Pizza Hut’s Triple Threat Box in Canada (video above).

-Grolsch appointed Wunderman Amsterdam as its global digital agency, following a review. Now what will the agency do with all those empty bail top bottles?

-The Independent’s Kirsty Major asks, “Is it me or is Spotify’s latest campaign creepy, voyeuristic and a little bit mean?

-A new study by Lloyds Banking Group found that only 19 percent of U.K. ads feature ethnic minorities.

-What is Ad Contrarian angry about this week? Potato chips and their many ridiculous flavors.

-Xbox, McCann London’s Jim Nilsson and Jacob Björdal and Helix director Sam White created a Dead Rising 4 trailer with Christmas lights.

-FCB Africa is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a microsite dedicated to its history.

-Adweek explains “How Tito’s Vodka Poured On the Charm and Grew Bigger Than Texas.”