Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Mirum launched a “Stories of the InterContinental Life” campaign for the hotel chain (video above).

-LinkedIn’s senior vice president of global talent organization used the slur “mulatto” in an interview about the company’s diversity report, which Fortune says “Shows Room For Improvement.

-Snapchat, really tired of sharing ad money with its media partners, decides to take its ball and go home.

-JWT CEO Tamara Ingram discusses what her anti-Brexit campaign would have looked like.

-Avon appointed Horizon Media as its U.S. offline media and activation AOR.

-Digiday examines how “UK influencers flout disclosure rules on branded posts.”

-Gilead Sciences in Japan appointed McCann Health to lead a disease awareness campaign.

-A company called Wild Fang deleted an Instagram ad that reduced feminism to a list.